I believe everything starts with the human connection. Over the course of my career, I have learned the value of putting people first or as we like to say #HumansOverHouses. My job is to provide you with the most relevant information needed to make a good decision concerning the sale of your current home or the purchase of a new home. I am incredibly passionate about helping my buyers find the home of their dreams, whether as a first-time home buyer, a step-up home, downsizing or looking for that adorable second home to enjoy throughout the year. In the same spirit I help my sellers successfully sell their home for the highest sales price the market will allow, worry-free.  Being skilled at pricing and negotiations, gives my customers the confidence to know I have their best interest at heart. 

I also take pride in introducing the beautiful Tampa Bay & St. Petersburg area as the economic center of Florida’s west coast, along with its award-winning beaches. Being dynamically situated on the Gulf of Mexico allows us to play where we stay!  I look forward to being able to show you the many wonderful attributes of our city and why the sunshine state is one of the fastest growing places in America. 

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